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Woodland Wonders

Woodland Wonders

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Step into nature's embrace with 'Woodland Wonders', where every strand paints a tale of earthy adventures. This yarn, with its deep forest greens merging into golden sunlit clearings and whispers of bark brown, brings to life the very soul of the woods. It's like holding the essence of a forest in your hands.

'Woodland Wonders' isn’t just a color; it’s an experience. Every twist and turn of this yarn will remind you of wandering through towering trees, the rustle of leaves beneath your feet, and the golden sun filtering through the dense canopy above. Perfect for projects that resonate with nature's beauty, be it a cozy scarf for chilly morning walks or a timeless sweater that feels like a hug from the forest itself.

This color is available for pre order in the following bases

Soulful Sock: 100 gr - 425 m / 465 yds
75% SW Merino, 25% Nylon

Flowy Fingering: 100 gr - 400 m / 437 yds
100% SW Merino

Bouncy DK: 100 gr - 225 m / 279 yds
100% SW Merino

Soothing Suri: 50 gr - 400 m / 437 yds
65% Baby Suri Alpaca, 35% Silk

Mystical Mohair: 50 gr - 420 m / 459 yds
72% Fine Kid Silk, 28% Silk

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Good to know

During the dye process, I try my hardest to make all the skeins as similar as possible but since this is a handmade product this also means that every skein is one of a kind.

To see the color as accurately as possible, please turn your screen brightness up. Keep in mind that different screens or devices can show the yarn colors slightly differently.

To the nature of hand-dyed yarn, some of these yarns can bleed during their first wash. Make sure to hand wash the projects individually in cold water.